Sunday, May 3

Tante Belle Cose - April09

This month, the best thing to report is that I was canvassed by the Comune di Roma for a questionnaire regarding all city services. This is great news and I never turn down a chance to voice my opinion (che sorpresa!). They score big on roads, zero on the trees, could improve bus & garbage service, but no, thank you, I don’t wish to spend more on museum & auditorium tickets, etc.
The problem with the surveys is you’re never allowed to give a comment. So they never truly know if they score low on garbage pickup because it’s not often enough, or if it’s too noisy at night. Ditto for train surveys: The train from Geneve to Milano is clean, nice, picturesque. But, I had to give it a zero for lack of computer sockets – on a business commuter train no less! But, no one will ever be the wiser…They still get kudos for commissioning the studies in any case.

This month, it was announced that Rome’s Talking Heads (see Pasquino in left hand column) will be getting a facelift. This, do to the terrific enterprise of the Associazione Abitanti del Centro Storico. First on the list: l’Abate Luigi (piazza Vidoni), followed by my very own Pasquino, Madama Lucrezia and then Facchino.
While that means they’ll be covered up for some time, when they come back, I’m sure they’ll have loads to talk about.

Rome’s Mayor Alemanno discovered a mole within his midst. Seriously. After digging a tunnel from the Capitoline Hill directly into the Forum, he’s now talking about digging another one from Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican.
Whether these will only be open to VIP’s, hard to tell. But one thing’s for sure, he is finally giving back the Pincio Terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo to the people; the scaffolding from the absurd parking garage will soon be removed from the Villa Borghese park.

And finally, we all thought the best Limoncello came from Sorrento. Turns out, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the gold medal was awarded to "Lemon Armonia" produced by the company, DonnaFrida -- from Padova!
But, is it legal? Italy's drive to keep things local & official should disqualify our winner: After all, they hardly grow lemons in the cold & foggy northeast corridor.

For all things Limoncello, check out this terrific blog. More great stuff in left column.


Dave514 said...

I've tried commercial Limoncellos in the US and they're disgusting. The ones in restaurants are kept in the cooler not freezer---yuck!

I've never had a bad one in Italy. Further, I've assumed that all Limoncello in Italy is home-brewed but I guess not.

Anyway, an Italian meal without 2 to 4 Limoncellos at the end...well? Well, failing that a few glasses of Frescobaldi Grappa!



Irreverent Italy said...

While I totally totally agree on the limoncello, you got me on the grappa. I feel it's like drinking Lysol disinfectant.

Dave514 said...

There's, "Wallpaper remover" and then there's, good Grappa. Frescobaldi's is smooooooth.