Monday, September 14

Desert Storm

It finally rained in Sunny Italy*. I know this not because I went out to walk the dog and saw wet pavements. In Rome, those telltale signs dry up almost instantly. I know this because, when out with my dog, we walked past my car (well, actually all the cars parked along the way), and found them covered with dirt. Toxic rain? Depends on who you ask.
But, common thought goes that, storm clouds gathering over the Sahara scoop up a lot of sand particles. The wind transports those clouds across the Mediterranean, to dump their dirt on unsuspecting Italy. I have no idea about the validity of this story, but, I can tell you, after a rain storm, your car will look like it came right out of the Marakesh-Moputo Road Rally.

I would try covering my car with dish soap before it rains, but I suppose that’d work only if the weather forecasts were a bit more precise…! I can just see the Palmolive ads now...

*As an ex-Milanese, I can personally attest that the above term is to be used for anyplace well below the Po River.


J.Doe said...

It's wierd how that happens. I remember it raining in Florence and leaving a fine sand on our car windshield.

Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

"It finally rained in Sunny Italy*."

...and boy did it!!! We got drenched down here in Napoli - and I was with clients! Luckily we all had a big laugh about it after getting soaked to the bone outside of Palazzo Reale. Those are the memories that last :-)