Saturday, December 19

Tiger's Striped Past (and bright future)

You know you’ve been living in Europe far too long when you still cannot believe that (yet) another famous American man is held up to public ridicule for his private indiscretions. People coast to coast express their dismay, shake their heads, wag those fingers – it truly brings home the idea that this country was, indeed, founded by those early ‘Puritans’.

An Italian friend wrote to me, ‘I stand by Tiger’. And that pretty much sums up what most Europeans think of this truly American spectacle. Looking at many a politician, never mind a sports figure: Mussolini, Berlusconi, Sarkozy, heck – even a stripper elected in her ‘party of love’. The spectacle grows even more spectacular when we are onlookers (or peeping Toms) while the politician’s career explodes and his family life implodes into a front page view of blue dresses and cigars, airport bathrooms, mistresses, and Las Vegas porn stars.

I got to thinking that it may be that many of Tiger Woods’ sponsors have dropped or will drop him [Accenture’s ads, exhorting you to ‘Be a Tiger’ has decidedly taken on new meaning], he probably has a pretty good career ahead of him as a spokesperson in Europe – from golf courses to even Berlusconi’s own media empire, soccer club and more! Italians didn’t think twice when Pavarotti, after being fined for tax fraud, soon became the face of Monte dei Paschi (or Monte dei Pacchi, as I like to call them). Europeans simply keep private matters private, and, seeing Tiger’s transgressions overtaking real news all week, I’m all for it.

But, I must confess, I enjoy all of the Tiger jokes, the double entendres, and even what one sports columnist described as the now creepy (or totally hot, depending on how you look at it) PGA motto, “These guys are good.”

As for Nike, I think they’re sticking to Tiger and their moniker, “Just Do It”. Now there’s putting a face behind the brand.


Dave514 said...

I have no use for the European lack of morals nor for their lack of beliefs. I've lived there much longer than you have. I find it pitiful. As a matter of fact I was born there. No, Francesca the morals of Europe are not the gold standard. They are to be ridiculed as much as,"Peace in our time."

Tiger is a total a..hole.

Dave514 said...

The best Tiger joke. Crashing the hydrant was actually a publicity stunt for his new DVD called, "Crouching tiger, hidden hydrant."

Irreverent Italy said...

Too funny !!!
As for Valeria Marini, she makes J-Lo look anorexic!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy is a golfer, and a very good one. He may not be the best husband (however you define best/good husband), but he probably is not a bad lover. So what? One can not excel in everything. If people stopped expecting perfection from these public figures, all disappointment would be avoided. But how do you then fill the screens and front pages on a slow news day...?

Dave514 said...

So you're giving Tiger a pass on his extra-marital behaviour? What nonsense!

He didn't just have an affair. I'll try and clean this up...if it wiggled he nailed it.

"One cannot excel in everything" ...well he sure tried.

He has no moral fiber and though he can retire for life on his earnings, his future is not in golf. He's tarnished goods.

Carol said...

I wonder why we Americans are so fascinated with the private life of Tiger? Our own is too boring? We like to see a celebrity fall from grace? We envy him? We feel better about ourselves? What is it???

Dave514 said...

It's pure and simple schadenfreude!

The man was held up as not only the perfect golfer but also as the perfect man.

On top of that, there's no conceit in his family....he's got it all!

Anonymous said...

Carol: ...cause most americans need to be entertained and tiger woods is catering now, this time more than golf.

Irreverent Italy said...

I think this all came to pass on the 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and yet, nobody knew nor remembered...
Why we care about Tiger? We don't. He's really just another star. But we like to watch. My vote goes to voyeurism pure and simple.