Thursday, May 20

Fly AirBerlin! You'll forget you're in Germany...

Now that I'm happily repatriated to la mia bella casa romana, of course, I couldn't help but notice the ad campaigns.  This time, and I'd seriously like to see the 'concept paper' on this one, I really want to know the rationale behind picking three Latinas or Romanian gypsies or the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean for this ad to visit Germany.

Because, when I think of traveling to Berlin, I certainly don't think of this:

And, as much as I love hip Berlin, the Love Parade, the big ol' State Museums, the clubs, the shopping, I still kinda think of this:

Okay, so I get it that they want to sort of steer you away from all that...but, to take you over to Las Rambas?

Here are scenes from AirBerlin's launch night here in Rome.  Clearly betting on the success of the veline over any 'truth in advertising'.  But, if their ad people hailed from Milan, they'd know that most Italians don't even like that look.  They're all too busy turning into emaciated blond stick figures.

But, let's see how AirBerlin truly pictures itself:

I rest my case.

Reasons for using the gypsy look to Fly to Berlin:
- Sexy blondes are hard to come by - in Italy, all the Eastern-European ones are too busy turning tricks
- Since all the Italians have gone blond, perhaps they could be enticed to 'go back to their roots' in Berlin
- The only people who can afford to fly these days are the illegal workers, or Gypsies, so the ad was conceived to appeal to them
- Disney has just opened a new Caribbean theme park there
- Chancellor Merkel is too much in the news these days, and they sort of wanted to counter that image


Dave514 said...

Merkel typifies the expression, "Von hinten lyceum von vorne museum!" Although in her case hinten or vorne her's still a museum piece.

Dave514 said...

I called you again Monday on your cell phone again no answer, no possibility of leaving a message.

I emailed you at home saying I'd be out of town this weekend and don't call. I even texted you, no response.

Yo Mamma, how do I communicate with you on a reliable basis. You've gone native.

Text me at 602-628-4282

I'm not so sure about un abbraccio,