Tuesday, June 29

Traveling to Rome? Tips for Travelers1

With the spectacular fireworks display for our Patron saints, Peter&Paul, launched from the gorgeous terraces of Castel Sant’Angelo, Summer is officially in full swing.  And with that comes - for Travel Tuesday - the best part of what Rome has to offer – L’Estate Romana.
[never mind that next year, Rome’s Mayor will no longer finance the immense cultural offerings – something with which I am entirely in agreement].

So, if you’re planning to come to Rome, here is the latest & greatest to keep you abreast of what’s on and what should turn you off in Rome:

Prisons / Speaking of Peter&Paul, the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi just inaugurated the restored Carcere Marmertino – Mamertine Prison, the place where it is said our saints were imprisoned & chained right next to the Forum (and from whose vantage point you can get the best views without having to go in the Forum itself).  How Peter got out of his predicament is best illustrated on the walls of the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican Museums – hint: he had the help of an angel.  [all on my audio tour of the Vatican!]

If you happen by on a Friday, the Miracle Players do a terrific rendition of Rome’s history in English in about 45 mins. – fun for the whole family!

And, although the Ministry cut out the events at Castel Sant'Angelo, you can still visit the dungeons there - just ask for a separate ticket at entry...

Events / Rome sadly pooped the best party in town on the terraces of Castel Sant’Angelo with comedians, jugglers, performers, and music (citing that the few summer tourists were damaging the monument that had been repeatedly overrun by barbarians, marching armies, and wild hoardes and is still standing strong – go ponder this at the Colosseum & Pantheon with it’s millions of tourists, and go figure), but there is still something for everyone.   
Most tourists spend their evenings eating out, but if music is your thing, you can find plenty of opportunities, most conveniently starting at 9pm or later:

Open pool (all day) – music and more In Ombra del Colosseo – right above the Colosseum on the Colle Oppio hill. 

Casa del Jazz (right near Terme di Caracalla, site of the open air opera festival)

Villa Celimontana (and more of my faves here)

World Music at Villa Ada (northern Rome)

And Rome’s Auditorium has an amazing summer roster – July Sounds Good festival.

Also, clubs lining the Tiber River nearer the Castle and Isola Tiberina are a wonderful way to wile away the hours in the open air, and without the traffic.

Check listings in www.inromenow.com  for updates on everything going on all summer long.

And finally, just to show the doorman at the Hassler Hotel that there are no hard feelings, I would truly suggest a sunset drink on the terrace of their Palazzetto, right above the Spanish steps.  Beautiful.
[I no longer boycott them since they stopped their most haughty & hateful practice of not allowing you to drink at their Hotel bar if you were not a guest – gotta love recessions – at least they’re good for something].

You'll find more of my Rome favorites in the Carpe Diem section of my blog (to the left).


CT said...

And, don't forget, if you can't find the Auditorium, there are signs posted starting at about 10 miles away (unfortunately when you get within a mile or two, all the signage stops)

Dave514 said...

Item 3. on your list. Pray that the Police speak English.

Irreverent Italy said...

@CT Here's the link to my blog post about the signage problem to the auditorium...


mmtmrb said...

Great review of Rome. Made me what to go, except I would try to avoid all taxis!!