Friday, May 13

America's Teachers - Graded just a C?

Today I had the opportunity to be in the studio audience of ABC's Live! With Regis & Kelly show.  In a time when politicians and proletariat alike are demonizing teachers across the USA to the point that children are starting to think that their very own History teacher is a death eater from Hogwarts, this week Regis & Kelly are honoring the inspirational teachers who have made a difference across America.
And watching the videos of these amazing heroes in our midst, I enjoyed seeing them bestowed with gifts, a new heating system for their homes, and even a car.  Their classroom will receive 35 intel mini pad computers as well.  Clearly, ABC, Regis&Kelly and their terrific sponsors are honoring one small person who has made big improvements in the lives of others.

Vote for the Best Teacher to win the Grand Prize
But despite all the warm fuzzies going around the room, and across the country, I couldn't take my eyes off the graphic.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but, doesn't the above sort of - ummmmmm - convey the wrong image?  Or, are they (in my conspiracy theory-soaked mind), subliminally (or, actually, not so subliminally) grading our schools or teachers a big fat juicy 'C' ? 
I mean, shouldn't that apple be placed on the 'A' instead?  Or, better yet, up above in the 'O' for TOP?  Italy is nothing if not a highly advanced graphic arena. Italians have been using pictures to convey complex concepts like the 'Genesis' long before people could even read.  
I can't imagine, then, if pictures are worth a thousand words, how this one could have missed its mark - or, turned the other way round, be so spot on.
How do you like them apples?


mmtmrb said...

Very Astute!

Dave514 said...

Astuter would be to omit the bloody apple!


cuzliz said...

Obviously, an amateur graphic designer or art director.

Anonymous said...

Nothing gets by you.