Thursday, May 19

The Perfetta Italian Wife - What's wrong with this picture?

I came across a stylized version of this gorgeous ad for bridal gowns.  Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?  Well, for starters, certainly the long blonde locks of our Sposa Italiana seem a bit out of place.  But with the ever-increasing trend of hair dyes in the Bel Paese, anyone landing in Milano would not be faulted for thinking they got off the plane in Malmol, Sweden instead.

Here, our lovely lass holds in her hand a long-stem rose?  Clearly too cliché for the times.  In the re-stylized photos the shot focuses on her upper body, curly-cues of seductive smoke wafting into the breeze from her ciggy.  As the Italians say, a true woman 'da sposare' (to marry).  Not only does her gorgeous outfit smell like the skanky pub up the road, she tastes like ashes as well!  So, she probably won't mind a bit when you light up your cigar during the reception either.

In the UK, they found that the most effective way to stop teens from lighting up was to show them progressive aging of their faces compared with non-smokers.  Judging from the dozens of teens copping a quick smoke on their way to school each morning, Italy would be wise to try these kinds of Public Service Announcements.  Girls here (and everywhere, I'm afraid) are concerned even more with their looks than with the coolness factor.
In Australia, they're taking a more macabre approach.  Now would you kiss the bride?

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mb-roma said...

They should show the young people a photo of their tar filled lungs too!! So sad...most kids smoke b/c their parents do..., I say, lead by example. Many parents don't have the disipline themselves, even knowing the consequences.