Thursday, November 1

As American as Baseball and Apple Pie

The Giants throw their weight around against the
Detroit Tigers in America's playoffs:  'The World Series'
Back home in Detroit, I had the privilege of seeing the entire city all geared up for Baseball's greatest faceoff:  The World Series.  After growing up with a whole lot of 'winning' teams from the Detroit area, I was thrilled after all this time to see our guys step up to the plate, in more ways than one.  But, one look at the lineup and I couldn't help but think how baseball is truly, the all-American sport.  First, it's the title:  World Series, being played out across these United States.  With few exceptions, even the players come from as far afield as Puerto Rico.  The arrogance.  There are excellent teams in Japan, of course, and I've met many a ball player in Parma; So what's preventing them from either a) making a true 'world series' or b) changing the name.
Next, were the "athletes" (term used as loosely as the outfits that need to fit around their ever-expanding waist lines).  It may be that baseball is losing its standing as far as competitive sports are concerned due to the fact that it's akin to watching sumo wrestlers in funny tights ply their trade.  Or then again, it's the ideal sport for the couch potato:  You, too, can eat bags of chips and down 6 packs of brew and make it to the big leagues!  It's the beer drinker form of American Idol - people practice eating and adjusting their balls in front of the mirror, then spit a few times while squinting into the sun--they may, just maybe, have what it takes.
Seeing these guys up to bat, it was an American dream come true: eat all you want, you don't need to even run to first, we'll just see if you can knock the ball out of the field.  Heck, if your knees feel like they can't hold up your girth, we'll do like we did in little league softball and give you a runner to make their way around the bases for you.  I don't recall body mass making it's way into the Moneyball calculations.  No wonder Boston hasn't made the grade.  They forgot to figure in that the team members were on the New York Policeman diet.  New York's finest couldn't catch a thief if they had to run after one, but they're not paid to do that anyway.  And just like their boys in blue, these guys couldn't catch a ball and make a play if they were paid -- oh. except they're paid millions to do just that.  Like much of America, it's a sport that still thinks it's great, even though it's lost it's footing and is drowning in the gluttony of its ways.  


llove said...

People don't like to hear the truth, bet you make some enemies with this one.

CT said...

What do you mean, not international? Any baseball fan knows that the World Series also includes teams from Canada!

Anonymous said...

Sure, there are players from all over but the best of the best play in the USA. Other than Ichiro, no Japanese transplant has been a perennial All-Star. As far as the mocking about their size is concerned, Pablo Sandoval, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera are all very agile and skilled at their positions. They are the best in the world at what they do, undeniably.

Irreverent Italy said...

Just like our basketball players have outgrown the nets (put in place back when players were 1/3 their size), these great 'players' can hit the ball out of the park due to their size & brawn.

I'd still like to see them run like soccer players for 90 minutes and live to tell about it. It's no wonder Italians find the sport boring.

Sorry, but I still don't see any baseball players as 'athletes' in the true sense of the word.