Friday, August 1

Summer in Italy - Jumping for Joy

This video has had nearly 31 million views
showing a dog's sheer joy after being reunited with his owner

I post it here, at the start of the summer exodus. When people from all over Europe, travel to places far and wide, leaving behind their furry ex-friends. In Italy alone, it's estimated that over 300,000 dogs are abandoned each summer on the streets and highways, usually to end up as roadkill. Others are mercilessly tied to lampposts in the hopes that a good samaritan will pick them up - they usually die of thirst. While puppies are routinely tossed into garbage bags and into rivers or garbage bins.
Seeing that dog above reminded me of my old dog, Trevor, who I found zig-zagging down a highway near Trevi in Umbria (hence the name). I managed to coerce him into the car with hot dogs, but most dogs run away from fear. For 2 -3 years after I picked him up off the roadside, every time he saw a woman approaching with a baby stroller or heard baby sounds, he would have the reaction above. It was heart wrenching. Because, while we can amuse ourselves on the internet with zillions upon zillions of dog & baby videos, unfortunately, in Italy - and I think elsewhere - a new baby is reason enough to abandon your four-legged family member. Actually, pregnancy is reason enough.
And while I know most of my readers probably wouldn't think of abandoning their pet and that we are not the ones we should be watching out for...I post this message every August 1st - just because.

Here's a link to my dog park in Rome - the best thing ever - and a bunch of newly abandoned dogs we're trying to find homes for.  PARCO SCOTT

And here, a few more past posts - feel free to share the photos!


Harm said...

So (prolly obvious) you think someone got rid of Trevor when the baby came along? Just making sure -- poor Trevie Trev Trev. So glad you found each other -- and glad you're speaking up for the animules.

Pol Wirtz said...

Can anyone give me a hint as to WHERE I can find a dog to adopt in Italy. I have always had dogs and would - after a pause of 15 years - like to adopt a poor creature.
I live near Como, went to an asylum there and found just a few sick dogs.
Maybe I misunderstand the system.

Irreverent Italy said...

Ciao Pol - great that you'd like to adopt! The CANILE are filled with dogs, and usually healthy - spayed - & vaccinated ones.
I'm sure there is one in your area.
There are also websites like for adopting older dogs and so on.
We have a beautiful stray that showed up here in Rome - you can find her pic on the Parco Scott page (where there are others).
Good luck, and email me if you want a Roman dog!

And finally, put out the word on Facebook - Italian Reflections - I'm sure lots of people there know of strays in your area.

Grazie and enjoy your 4-legged future friend!