Thursday, September 6

Auditorium Update

Well, with the immense summer concert series throughout Rome and all of Italy, it never really ended, but...

It appears that the fabulous Auditorium with its main attraction, the world renowned Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia orchestra, has also taken notice that people need a better way to actually attend the concerts, or, in the very least, get there without missing a beat, so to speak. So, this year, they have announced the shuttle service for concert-goers, with a few extras. And, while the route still remains a mystery (I think it’s like being part of a secret society to be privy to certain information), well, it’s all certainly for the better.

They outline different prices according to your subscription (symphony or chamber). And to pay? Just get yourself down to the Auditorium (which, of course, is exactly what you were trying to avoid – see All Roads Lead To…) and pay.

For those non-annual ticket holders, it appears for only €6 per r/t you can also use the service, with only the minor inconvenience that although you don’t know where it goes, you can probably call or email to find out. It remains to be seen if you actually have to go down, too, to the Auditorium to pay for your trip prior to departure.

The new feature is great: they are giving you the possibility of making your own shuttle service to/from wherever you and a group of friends (10, to be precise), want to go. As detailed in the brochure, all you have to do is: send an email to Trambus, they’ll evaluate the possibility, and then they’ll try their best to insert you and your stops into their standard shuttle service.
Too bad that I have trouble finding one person to enjoy an orchestra concert with, but,in any case, I'm thrilled about the service. I’ll just keep my eyes open for the Hogwarts Express errr, I mean, Auditorium shuttle bus. I wonder if there’s a Platform 4 1/2 that opens up at Termini Station?

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