Monday, September 10

Hunger Strike

September 13th the Consumer Federations have announced a symbolic strike (see the Notizie to the left)--no one should buy any food all day long. Now, we all know what that means: we'll just be buying it the day before or the day after, but, it's the thought that counts.

A new study came out to show, just what, exactly is going on here. It would appear that from a study in 1985 compared with today, that:

our daily Bread costs 12 times what it once did
Fresh Pasta, 20 times
and Sweets 70 times more.

Considering what one pays for a single rice krispie treat at Starbucks, well, they don't have nuthin' on us americans, but...

What's all the more frustrating is that, in 1985, wheat cost 23 cents a kilo. While the finished product, bread, cost 52 cents/kg. A little more than double from front to finish.
Today, wheat costs an even lesser, 22 cents! But the finished product, 2 euro 70 cents and up to 5 euro per kilo for special types!
That is an increment of 750% from raw material to end product. All I can say is, I'm glad I have a yeast intolerance.

And that is why, on September 13th we'll show them.
But, I'd like to offer my own solution: how about putting ancient mills in the courtyards of all the palazzi (they used to do that in Ancient times, you know, so we know it would work) and just making the bread ourselves?!

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