Friday, February 8

Déjà Vu

I thought I’d give the Italians a bit of a break while I migrate over to France, although the Sarkozy – Bruni affair (now marriage) is of course, very Italian, but even the French have out-trumped anything the Italians could have mustered… At least the Italians still keep their affairs discreet.

But, what can you say about a country where President Mitterand’s long-time amante and his wife actually presided upon his State funeral, side by side. To use the French word, at least they’re not hypocrites. I have to hand it to those sexy (if you like guys in suits) and sex-crazed French presidents…to think Sarkozy could get divorced and remarried while in office, and, to do one within a few months of the other, is well, commendable. Especially considering that in America, they would if they could but they can’t. Anyone remember what happened to Gary What’s-his-name on the Monkey Business?

I just can’t decide if they’re way ahead of America, or have medieval Muslim leanings for taking a few wives instead. It could be that it’s all just calculated political posturing to please their Arab electorate.

Politics aside, all I can say is that their fabulous engagement rings are not the only thing that the lovely ex-model Cecilia has in common with the lovely ex-model, Carla. Simply put, Carla Bruni is the stand-in for his ex, Cecilia. I just hope Sarkozy doesn’t mix up their names in the heat of the moment…

And as for Carla? Given the Sarkozy track record* I’m glad your album was called “No Promises”. I’m sure you can always say you had your fingers crossed behind your backs whilst pledging your vows for eternal love...

*Sarkozy marries Marie-Dominique Culioli on 23 September 1982.
Sarkozy divorced Culioli in 1996, although they had already been separated for several years.

Sarkozy met former fashion model and public relations executive Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz when he officiated at her wedding to Jacques Martin.
In 1988, she left her husband for Sarkozy, and divorced Martin one year later. Sarkozy married her in October 1996.

Sarkozy and Cécilia ultimately divorced in October 15, 2007.

Sarkozy meets ex-model Carla Bruni in November 2007. Obviously in a whirlwind romance, they get married 3 months later.

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Anonymous said...

This is apparently the one and only area it can be said that the French move quickly....
I guess it is their new extreme sport.