Monday, February 4

Tante Belle Cose - January

Italy is looking at reducing taxes from workers' paychecks (automatically deducted at the source in an effort to keep everybody honest) in order to tackle the spiraling costs of living and jumpstart the economy. Considering they represent 76% of the working population, this to me, is a terrific proposal. But then where does it stop? When prices and pay are at Scandinavian levels, without the benefits?

Italy's Supreme Court has instituted a 1200 euro fine for anyone who leaves dogs in the car, no matter the danger. Having broken into many an auto in my lifetime to free the poor creatures, this can only be a good thing even though Trevor sometimes waits for me there while I'm at the cinema...Guess I'll have to go back to bringing him in as a stowaway!

Rome has decided to acknowledge that, after having closed the City Center on weekends to all traffic, people would actually need to use public transport to move around. They've finally extended the subway or metro hours to 1:30 at night.
Now, if the Major Capital City of London could follow suit (15M), considering the amount the Brits drink, that'd certainly put things right.

Italy final adopted an Anti-Stalking Law and is very busy doing a lot more than paying lip service to the increasing and highly alarming rate of homicides perpetrated against women at the hands of their lovers, husbands, or exes. Now, if they can just stop lighting the Colosseum green for every time America commits Capital Punishment, and light it up Pink for each woman murdered senselessly, they'd really be on to something. Sadly, the Colosseum would be pink over 100 days per year.

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