Saturday, April 24

Adopt an Italian Child Campaign

This in from the Italian ANSA news bureau:

'Adopt an Italian child' campaign

Italians have lost their humanity, African NGO says

23 April, 17:43

(ANSA) - Milan, April 23 - An African NGO has launched an 'adopt an Italian child' campaign as a way to help the 'sad Italian people'.

Poveri Voi (Poor You) was founded in 2008 by Tanzanian Ronaldo Samako and claims to be a non-political and non-profit active in social work.

In its ad campaign, which will be launched here next week, the NGO cities as candidates for adoption the cases of "Giuseppe, seven years old, who has never learned to laugh" and "Maria, 14, who dreams of being famous".

"We decided to act immediately because tomorrow it could be too late for too many young Italians. In agreement with the Italian institutions and with the Church, we will offer aid to young Italians," Samako said in a statement.  The main purpose of the African NGO is to find a solution to social unrest and unease among young Italians which in modern society has driven them to "alcoholism, anorexia, depression, drug addiction, consumerism and an unhealthy desire to become celebrities," he added.

All this, Samako observed, "is leading Italians to a progressive and dramatic dehumanization".

To combat this, Poveri Voi said it was ready to organize meetings, courses, concerts and cultural events as recovery tools to help children in need of support.

This along with arranging long-distance adoptions and visits to Africa.

On the NGO's website , Samako observed "Italians are sad and confused, they have lost their humanity.

Together we can give them a smile for the future".


cuz liz said...

Oh, and there is the poor bridge that desperately needs to be adopted, too. Please help!

Dave514 said...

Isn't there an agency to save Italy as a whole? If not there ought to be!

Italia sciagurato!