Sunday, April 18

Americans Retake Rome!

With participation from Italians, of course - especially the Fondazione Garibaldi...

I thought I'd apprise you of the Retake Rome initiative -- Saturday's Earth Day event was a smashing success, with participation by all three U.S. Ambassadors (Italy-Holy See-U.N. - who knew?) and even Rome's Mayor came out to lend a hand.

See La Repubblica's terrific slide show here

What's interesting is the enthusiasm to finally do something about the graffiti covering what would otherwise be the most beautiful city (and country) in the world.  Every time I have visitors, that is one of the first remarks.  The movement is gaining such momentum that some of the crowd remarked they wanted to Retake Kenya and Retake Russia, too!

It was a great symbol of solidarity that our Ambassadors dove right in to provide some elbow grease.

and more coverage from the Corriere here

(and who says we don't practice par condicio?)