Saturday, September 18

The American - Clooney's Flick - My Picks

I was recently given the honor & opportunity to pen my picks - along with other terrific bloggers musing over things Italian - of films that best represent Italy and the Italians.  You can find my picks on the website of the production/distributor website of George Clooney's latest film, The American, shot in Abruzzi - where part of me comes from. you may have to reload page

But, check out all the picks -- for an expat look into portrayals of Italian culture on film.  And, be sure to check out their outstanding backstage look at shooting in the Abruzzi countryside.

Let me know what you think of my selection, and...what movies for you best sum up Life in Italy...!


mamma maggi said...

Your choices (& your comment re your mother) are great!

CatherineRoma said...

Love the picks.. cinema paradiso is my all time favorite.. wins every time.. cant wait to see george clooneys film when is it coming out?

Linda Love said...

Great list. Wrote some of the suggestions down that I had not heard of. Getting Cara Diario sent from Love Films.

mmtmrb said...

loved your picks but also all the other commentators. They all had great fab fives