Thursday, September 2

Tante Belle Cose - August2010 Italy's Good News

Although this isn't good news from Italy, it affects all of us, especially those that happen to like soccer/football, European style.  The UEFA football league has put a mute on the vuvuzela.  Banned from games "out of respect for European culture & tradition." 
the mute for horns from

Yes, that's right.  They've put the clamp on the horns but not the hoodlums...But even there, there's a bright spot: "fans" will soon be holding electronic cards.  You won't be let in the stadium if you're on a watch list.  Only thing is, who's to stop people from gaining entry with someone else's card.  And then, of course, there's the counterfeiting to contend with.

The neighborhood near San Paolo - St. Paul's Outside the Walls - is undergoing a nice new renovation.  Of the big waste containers.  They've added spiffy new garbage cans, embedded in the ground, in an effort to clean up the area.  Although they'll make a good pit stop for pets, it's a sure improvement over the grotesque monstrosities currently littering the streets of Bella Roma.  Problem is, will it entice people to actually use them...AND differentiate their trash?  Doubtful.

And speaking of cleaning things up, local governments won a legal battle against wild increases in highway fares, citing they impede commerce and are another tax on workers.  So, the fares have gone back down, while the consumer associations are asking for a rebate to travelers who paid them since July 1st.  But of course, if you don't have a receipt, how will you prove it?.

And finally, Rome's great summer fest is drawing to a close but not before they can squeeze some last concerts in for those wanting to enjoy some summer sounds.  Two of my favorite musicians are here:  Giovanni Baglioni playing his guitar on 3 September in Castel Gondolfo and Pino Daniele on the 4th in the ancient theater of Ostia Antica.  Lots still happening in the arts, so check out for more terrific listings.

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TonyD said...

Roma is a great for all the outdoor Summer concerts, and events! Miss it!