Tuesday, September 21

Those Scandalous Brits

It may be because I just watched the movie, Scandal, a portrayal of the Profumo Sex Scandal of the 1960s that my head is on things Britannica...The whole while, like with the Clinton or Gingrich or fill-in-the-blank scandal, heck even the (scandalous because it took place at all) wedding of Rush Limbaugh, I just kept reminding myself that one needs to suspend their critical judgment: I don't mean about the film, I mean about the fact that any of these guys could ever get someone so hot to go to bed with them in the first place (well, Monica excepted).

So was I tickled as pink as a stripper's boa when reading the British headlines today:

This 25 yr. old jobless bloke (to avoid calling him what he really is, a total loser) has fathered 10 kids by 10 women (two on the way), paid for by the British taxpayer (and maybe upwards of 15 since he refuses to use condoms and clearly can't count that high). One look at him, and you cannot for the life of you fathom how he could have bagged anyone, let alone 10 of them. He must have found 10 women with a fetish for albino snakes.

This article was then followed by the piece reporting that Viagra would now be available at supermarkets at half the price.

I just have a few words of wisdom for all involved:

- For (very) Lucky Louie: If you really wanted your sperm out there, perhaps you could have sold it and earned some money from your exploits (of course, there's always a reality show waiting, co-starring Octomom)

- For the Ladies (term used loosely-in this case, real loose): No, coming forward with your story is not going to bring in gazillions.  In case you haven't noticed, he is NO Tiger Woods.

- For the British Govt: Am I the only one who thinks that you're going about things...a wee bit ass-backwards?? 

Perhaps the Pope's visit to the UK was a good thing after all:  Importing a bit more Italian catholicism and hey - maybe the birth rate would plummet to Italian levels.


mamma maggi said...

1) 1/2 price on Viagra in Britain??? Doesn't beat USA generosity;\: Viagra is offered FREE by medicare/medicaid (all the better to create future indigent (Democrat) voters

2) You decry Italian government in all its ineptitude & yet praise the RAI which has been flagrantly run by the Italian gov't & its political cronies since the creation of the Republic..??????.

Get your facts straight.--& just remember ONE critical fact: Berlusconi revolutionized Italian TV practices by instituting the American way of sponsoring programming paid by independent advertisers. This had 2 results: advertisers didn't have to 'have a friend in high places." to get publicity: and they could withdraw from support of programming which didn't attract viewership (free enterprise system FYI).It may not be perfect, but it is a far cry from the traditional FAVORS & SPOILS SYSTEM ! Forget your bias & red- colored glasses--& use your considerable analytical prowess!!!
3) The Colliseum U-tube video was stupid (THAT was ART?????) Good thing it's temporary.

Irreverent Italy said...

I smell a dual-country tea bagger...In this case, we'll call you the Caffè Curmudgeon. As is usual with your ilk, you throw out a barrage of half-truths without knowing the facts - nor caring about them in the least. After all, only perception matters anymore, right?
[I cite birth certificates - Muslim background - and the 'fact' that Iraq had something to do with 9/11...] But I digress:

1. I don't think anyone on Viagra is creating any future anythings... But hey - But I'd just like to see them put the contraceptive pill on that Free Listing.
And, since it's America's Christian Taliban that refuses to let govt fund the pill, one could argue it's all the more to create more Bristol Palin offsprings & more...so it's actually a ploy on the right.
So, Get Real - and enjoy your govt-subsidized prescriptions & doctor visits while you're at it.

2. I hate the RAI - and most govt. run anythings. But, from a viewer's point of view, commercial-free TV is a godsend, esp. if you already pay a tax for that privelege.

Point well-taken on the ads, although I wonder how many pockets have been lined for the slots...
But, if you think your man Berlusca put that into place out of the goodness of his transparent heart, you've got to be kidding.

If you think that Berlusconi made it to be Italy's richest man -- without payoffs & favors - well, I'd say I'd like some of your prescription hallucinogens...

Take a look at his cronies on the take (like all parties, I might add). But, paying his 'compagno di banco' Stanca 40 million (or was it billion) euro for the www.italia.it pathetic website is just 1 of countless examples. C'mon...you obviously watch way too much Emilio Fede.

3. It's not the video that is art, it was the installation of the burning...and I agree, it's not art - it was just cool to see.