Friday, December 10

Natale a Napoli

You gotta hand it to the Neopolitans...centuries of subjugation from foreign overlords, drug lords, and local kings has imbued them with a terrific modus vivenda: a strong sense of humor in the face of so much adversity.  Now I'm not sure how many residents are truly laughing about the garbage crisis redux (excepting the dirty contractors laughing all the way to the banks), but here's the Best of the famed Neopolitan Nativity Scenes 2010 has on offer [I still want the gag rule figurines as pictured on the right hand column of my main blog page, but hey, even Julian Assange - pc in hand has made the grade]:

The Magi bringing trash to lay at the feet of Bambin Jesù

Julian, not yet handcuffed, alongside Hilary & Barry

The Holy Family stops for air on the flight from Egypt (clearly, the oxygen masks have dropped due to low cabin pressure)     

Some have commented that perhaps it's all a bit blasphemous, but the fabricators on via San Gregorio Armeno say in their defense that forcing this situation on the residents is altogether blasphemous.  As for me, I like the ones depicting Berlusconi in any number of positions; not that I'd put him in my manger scene, however.

Let's hope that as we celebrate Natale, it's a Rebirth or Renaissance for Bella Napoli.
To read more about via San Gregorio Armeno, click here


Dave514 said...

What local Kings? You have, Angevin Kings, Aragonese and Spanish Kings,Bourbon Kings and the Napoleonic Kings.

The best Presipio is to be found in La Reggia di Caserta. The 1200 figures,one for every room in the palace, are constructed of wire but the head, hands and feet are of painted terracotta.

Irreverent Italy said...

caro davide,
many of them lived there - or periodically frequented their castles there with their mistresses holed up in a stunning palace nearby...

I once saw the entire collection of the Banco di Napoli - housed there year round. Absolutely wonderful - and no, no magi bearing bags of money (that was left to the bankers on the take).

Dave514 said...

Which Kings, I'm at a loss.?

Fort Worth Mortgage said...

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Irreverent Italy said...

Okay Davide - you're really splitting hairs here...While the kings heralded from other places, they often spent time in all those palaces dotting the landscape around Napoli...
Probably, only Charles II is from Naples, but, no matter...
I'm thinking...residents, not bloodlines.

Dave514 said...

As my old accounting mentor would say, "Specify or die!" LOL!

Or as my NLP mentor would say, "The meaning of your communication is the outcome you get, not necessarily the intention of the speaker!"