Monday, April 25

Italy to cut their holidays?

In honor of today - Liberation Day - celebrated in Italy, I re-propose my post on the 'controversy' surrounding this great day in history.

Any Italophile knows that we in Italy love our holidays. I recently even won a bet over the number of holidays we celebrate here (or, 'bank holidays' as they're known in the UK). Yes, we outnumber, I believe, everyone even though we've cut down over the years. Add in those 'Saint's Days' and a few extras for the 'ponte' (or bridge days - when the holiday falls on a Thursday, so you get Friday off as well), and well, this is why we like it here, right?
But each year there's a full-on attack on one major holiday with revisionist secessionist politicians aiming to rewrite history. And, because it's one holiday I actually like to observe, I'm taking sides.
A town in Lega-country (the region aiming to break Italy apart), near what was once my favorite town of lovely Padua (Padova) issued a calendar in which Labor Day and the 25th of April were not listed, but a few extra Lega holidays were added in to make up for the losses. April 25th, aside from being a fairly common street name, is in fact, 'Liberation Day' - Partisans liberated Milano & Torino from the nazis while the allies cut Germany in two (1945). WWII was coming to an end. It's a day that marked Italy's march toward democracy (however filled with potholes), a day that set it on the course for vast development and the ever lovin' awesome growth that lasted decades.
Lega Politician Ugo Cassone thinks it should be abolished, saying, "It's not a day that regards all Italians, just a small political faction." Really? Can you say that in German, Ugo? Because if it weren't for that day, you'd most likely be speaking it right about now from your bunker.
So, let me go on the record and say, sure - let's get rid of the 25th of April. But, like the Lega calendar, let's add (admittedly, stemming from an ethnocentric viewpoint) a new day in its place: APRIL 3rd - the signing of the Marshall Plan.
A day that brought money, infrastructure, and so far, 65 years of peace to war torn and war hungry Europe. And while one can say that the oodles of money that oozed in "benefited only certain political parties", I'll turn a blind eye and say that, in the end, the net result helped all & sundry.  After all, we have Marshall to thank for Italian TV & radio (then again...maybe we shouldn't be celebrating...)
But does that mean, we'd have to change all the street signs as well?


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Have you looked at this year's calendar? We are fregati. The 25th is Pasquetta and May 1st is a Sunday :(

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laughed again at this! UK gets another holiday off tomorrow for the royal wedding! Too much!