Saturday, April 23

Italy's Talking Statue Speaks Up

Il Pasquino near Piazza Navona
I was pleased to pass by the Pasquino statue to find that some intelligent being posted a sleek plexiglass 'board' of sorts for people to post their musings and diatribes against our dear leaders.  Unfortunately, many of the postings were ripped apart.  Nonetheless, after many months of silence, here's what Pasquino had to say of late:

I saw fifty Popes come n'go
Then kings, dictators & presidents
I was the one who pestered these mighty men
The first of many thorns in these bosses' sides
Now they've cleaned me up & made me white
I ain't got no ink, nor even quill
I ain't got no rope 'round my neck for my placard
But remember - I don't follow the crowd

What d'ya want from me? Put me in a museum?
Closed spaces ain't my thing
I stay out in the open, just like that ol' Colosseum

Ya wanna call me Menalaus, or even Ajax?*
Da name is Pasquino
and I don't study gallantry

And to keep my trap shut surely ain't my style

King Menalaus husband of Helen of Troy
King Ajax of Salamina (Sophocles)  


Dave514 said...

Don't get it.

Happy Easter.


Irreverent Italy said...

Davide-it's a Roman thang... / I have regularly posted his missives on my side bar of my blog page... But, google rome+talking statues - and you'll get the full scoop