Saturday, May 21

Pope John Paul II - Dr. Evil in Disguise?

There has been a tempest in a humongous teapot (one about 4 meters high and cast in bronze) of the newly-placed statue of Pope John Paul II in front of Rome's Termini Station.  Let's just say that even in death, no one can deny that John Paul II was a figure who united all people.  And while contemporary art is always controversial, no less than 90% of La Repubblica readers agree that it should be removed - almost as quickly as he is to be made a Saint - subito.  As one commentator stated, here he is, looking like the inside of a church bell.  My picture doesn't do it justice, you see him here with his robe extended - one imagines it's to encompass us all.  But from my persepective, he's totally hollowed out as if he were a big fat C3PO waiting for new parts.
Googling all of the different angles of the statue, brought to mind other noted figures in our vast lexicon of cultural anthropology.  Every time I look at it, I can't help but think that it reminds me of someone else -- Take a look at my choices, and then, decide for yourself.
[For those reading elsewhere, if you go to my actual blog page, you will be able to see the pictures of his look-alikes]
Pope John Paul II as:
Stay Puft?

King Pin?
Dr. Evil?

or, my favorite...

A weight-loss sauna box?
As politician, Stefano Pedica of Italia dei Valori offered, perhaps we should use the cavernous section to post a sign of apology stating, "We truly wanted to render homage to the Holy Father, but we didn't succeed."   

Please google the pictures of the statue and then let me hear who it reminds you of most! 
Here's a nice article (just google translate it) on the 40 uses of the new statue - from a kebab stand to a new entrance for disabled to the underground subway...


Anonymous said...

put doors on it and its a holy out house!

annabella said...

can i live in there while visiting rome? do they rent it out? just needs a shower curtain.

mmtmrb said...

LOL!!! Hilarious.

Irreverent Italy said...

they're now waiting to see what it'll look like when the 6 million sparrows who live at Termini get to it...his robe might actually become white!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! the whole thing is too funny