Tuesday, July 12

Italy--Coming soon to a piazza near you!

Italy's inimitable Ministry of Tourism has done it again.  This time, launching Magic Italy on Tour, a showcase of all things Italian, traveling around the world for all to see.  In their incomparable wisdom (lending credence to the simple truth that decisions should never be made by committee), the English moniker is used even in the Italian section of the site - promotion.  Except they call it Italy In Tour.  
They have since updated the English site, but, you'd think with the millions spent in their black hole of a website (40 million euro given to Berlusconi's childhood buddy Stanca), they'd manage to figure out how to use google translate.  In any case, click on photo caption of David, brow furrowed as he battles the giant rot of political graft & corruption, to see where you can find the Best of Italy - in a piazza near you.

Italy in Tour

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