Tuesday, July 19

When in Rome

I got a big kick out of today's news that an American guy was caught selling fake tickets to tourists so they may 'jump the line' for entrance into the Colosseum.  He basically had printed out a large number of internet print-outs featuring the colosseum (see picture by clicking here).  Once the unwitting tourists went up to the front of the line, they were told that the tickets had already been used.   After a number of complaints, the cops got their man who quickly handed them over.  He will be tried for fraud.
Perhaps he should have just invested in a Centurion costume and posed for tourists at 20 bucks a pop.  He wouldn't need to pay taxes on his earnings, and he'd truly be "doing as the Romans do".

In other news, a recent article grabbing a lot of buzz is how the Mediterraneans are seemingly abandoning their diet.  Click just above, or view it later in my news / NOTIZIE section of the blog.

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