Thursday, July 21

Rome's Mayor in need of Sex Ed?

Rome's Mayor is under fire from women in the city offices as well as from women's groups who are growing more and more outspoken against the Business as usual way of Italian male-oriented politics.  When coming into office, he had two women on his twelve member team, despite laws to the contrary decrying "equal representation" of both sexes in city governments.  But this was before women took to the streets - fed up with the Ol' Boys' Clubs.
In January, he dissolved his team, shuffled it around -- and dropped a woman.  As I've mentioned in the past, despite evidence to the contrary, Italians seem to believe that a country on its last leg economically speaking should just go on the way it always has.  For most politicians, women should be seen (as eye candy) and certainly not have their voices heard through equal representation. But in January, women took the case to the courts.  And this week, they won.  The tribunal in fact came down on this gross lack of representation, and asked Alemanno to dissolve his Administration once again.
The Mayor's response?  Add a woman and make her Vice Mayor.  Following this logic, if the Vice Mayor position equals five men, where were we prior to this upset?  As for me, I'm starting to think that Mayor Alemanno simply skipped early elementary Health Ed.  
So, here's a video to set it all straight.  

Perhaps we should install those airport body scanners in City Hall, and maybe, just maybe, the Mayor might get his numbers right.


Irreverent Italy said...

Here's a brief update for anyone who might be interested:

Milan's new Mayor just made his Admin 50/50 -- This is a big improvement from Berlusconi's party, in which there was 1 woman out of 15.

Torino (PD-Left Party) 3 women/10 men

Genova (PD-Left Party) 3 women/11 men

Venezia (PD-Left Party) 2 women/10 men

Verona (PDL-Right Party) 1 woman / 12 men

Firenze (PD-Left Party) 4 women/5 men

Napoli (PD-Left Party) 4 women/8 men

Bari (PD-Left Party) 1 woman / 10 men

It's no wonder, with its young mayor, young team and women on board that Florence is the shining star of Italy.

Dave514 said...

What are you complaining about? You're bloody lucky you're not all in the kitchen where belong, barefoot and pregnant!


Irreverent Italy said...

In Italian, that's 'la botta piena e la moglie ubriaca' - I think that means the wine cellar full & your wife drunk.