Tuesday, September 13

Italy's Dogs to the Rescue

With all the talk about the euros demise and Italy's budget manoeuvers akin to a quick & dirty game of 3-card monty, you would think I made a mistake in my title...and actually meaning to say, Italy Goes to the Dogs or Italy Rescue...But no, long time readers of my blog know I try to steer clear of economic issues, and, when not overly compelled by events or yet another Berlusconi gaffe, politics as well.
Coverage of the 9/11 events in Italy were magnificent, and as someone who lived here during that trying day, there are no words to express the Italian dismay and solidarity with the entire USA.  Special programs have been hosted here marking the September 11th Anniversary, including one about those four-legged heroes who braved hot steel, mountains of dust, and all kinds of ripped up rubble to try and locate any survivors or bodies in the aftermath.
Although I usually have a lot to say about the abandonment of dogs in Italy, in some places like the USA, things could be worse if you happen to be a stray dog.  As a vet commented when we tried to bring a stray into an already over-crowded kennel, "Why don't you take him to America where he'll simply be put down?"  In fact, while Italians have a penchant for abandoning their dogs, once they're found, Italy protects the rights of animals as best it can.  So much so, that an entire container-load of ragged rescued dogs was recently shipped over from Spain, where the pooches are living in lager conditions.  From the looks of these bare-boned, starving and frightened dogs, I'm not sure if it's better to euthanize or keep them in kennels.  
[note: click here for a video, but be forewarned, the film is highly disturbing].

Nonetheless, Italy gets another feather in its cap for its rescue dogs.  And I mean, dogs who rescue, not dogs that have been rescued (although sometimes the line is blurred)...I came across this terrific slideshow where Italy is clearly the leader of the pack in saving lives (click on link below photo).

Now, if we could just train these pups to get the rest of Italy rescued as well...


Celeste D'Emilio said...

Love it! - posting on my wall!

Travel and Taste said...

I have adopted 3 dogs from the horrible Canile lagher in Italy. the worst was the one in Rieti. TERRIBLE!! She was 14 and lived in HELL for 12 years. She has a good nine months with us. Though I think the system is terrible lI am glad they don't killthe dogs. There is always hope.

Travel and Taste said...

BTW one last thing. My favorite blog for adopting OLD dogs from canile is:


Adopting old dogs is a wonderful experience. Please pass it on!!

Irreverent Italy said...

Wow. So, you're still not for euthanasia? Meanwhile, the u.s.a. has started No Kill puppy farms where they sterilize & sensitize and they say that killing has gone down from like 13 million to 6 million dogs/year. Which is still a whole heck of a lot.

I understand they finally closed the Rieti lager - which will explain why my friend now has 4 dogs she is trying to find homes for...all very very sweet.

Flat-coated retriever - 14 mths own (think: Tigger)
Catalan Sheepdog - 8 yrs (think: floormat)
2 male spinoni puppies - 5 mths old (cute as can be)

Interested? Pls drop a line!!!