Thursday, September 15

Washed up T shirt contest

First, it started out as a seriously misplaced JC Penney t-shirt, which they thought would be so cute for little girls following in Barbie's tiny wedge-heeled footsteps.  The t-shirt that boldly proclaimed:
I'm too pretty for homework -- so my brother has to help me!
click here to see the actual shirt 
Aside from ignoring the obvious, that girls are better at school than boys and now make up 60% of college graduates in the West, let's just say, it was wise for JCPenney to pull the shirt off the shelves.

In Italy instead, where the Italians were the first to adopt rights for women, Nicole Minetti, Silvio Berlusconi's in-house hottie and hooker hooker-upper decided to don a smart shirt of her own.  Liberally translating the old phrase, "There's more to love" she came up with her own:
Without the t-shirt I'm even better        click here for photo
Ahhh...just like I want to see in my government representatives.  And considering with her lofty position in Milan's regional govt she makes more than Barack Obama, you'd think she could have afforded to have the saying cutely done up in embroidery or something, and not just hand-written in magic marker (magic being the operative word).  And people complain about Michelle Obama's bare arms.

HuffPost Comedy came up with their own series of shirts for women in the 21st century, lest people thought we were getting just a bit too sassy & savvy for the men in our midst.

Perhaps Nicole & Co. can take a look at the whole slideshow here & come up with her own line of cute sayings for well-paid escorts.

P.S. As we get geared up to host over 1000 women (and men) at the WIN Conference-Women's Int'l Networking in Rome (Oct 5-8), my professional alter-ego will be live blogging the entire 4-day event (seriously) where we'll be discussing ways to keep it real & empower women, while changing the world, and not just your clothes choices.
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Dave514 said...

I went to the WIN webpage, other than Pauline Boneparte the rest of the women on the home[page looked as if they'd been hit by the, "ugly stick." I do hope up will blog better looking one when you attend.

The day after the conference ends is my BIG Birthday!



Irreverent Italy said...

Davide-for as much as you dislike Berlusca, you certainly have a lot in common...

it's the lighting...(it always is, isn't it??)

Anonymous said...

Dave514..belated happy birthday..YOu can log onto for any web based solution