Tuesday, September 27

Looking for Leonardo - Da Vinci

“And having climbed the stairs of the Great Hall, diligently take a look at a group of horses and men, a battle piece by Leonardo da Vinci, which will strike you as a miraculous thing.”                                                        --Anton Francesco Doni (1549)

I came across this extraordinary project by National Geographic photographer, Dave Yoder.  He's looking to fund his great venture - that of recovering Da Vinci's epic painting in Palazzo Vecchio, The Battle of Anghiari.  
Check out the video, but don't take my word for it:  Look at the entire Kickstarter Page where there is plenty more information on the protagonists, the mystery, the artwork itself, including some good FAQs for those who might want to pitch in to test the theory that the work is hidden underneath Giorgio Vasari's masterpiece.  

In the words of Queen Isabella as she turned to Christopher Columbus, 
'Hey - Ya never know'.

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