Monday, August 3

Life in Italy: from Wine to Florence to Fiat to Telecom

What do you get when you mix the Vatican, FIAT, and Rose' Wine?  A terrific cocktail on wheels...

This month the Vatican Museums announced their evening opening hours. Aside from giving us all a cooler experience (in many ways), so you're not in the infernal lines in the scorching sun, perhaps it will alleviate the crowds.
Of course, it could mean that visitors will just double in numbers, too! But, either way, it's a very good thing.

FIAT, with their wonderfully designed cutsie cars, has reported an uptick in sales over 13%. That should be good news for a lot of people.
(I'm a fan of the design, not the repair record).
The Mayor of Florence, in a HUGE move to finally side with the citizens, has decreed that they will no longer be going after the populace, issuing tickets right, left and center for parking and traffic violations. And I quote: "The City coffers shouldn't be dependent for income on fines."
While this is great news for the locals, once they finally allow the rental car companies to issue cars that would allow tourists to arrive at their hotels - without paying the hidden tourist tax (tickets for driving in the city center where all those tourists are headed), then we'll really be onto something.

Due to negative growth, it looks like inflation actually went down in a few cities.
Of course, that was reported on Page 3 of the newspaper. Turn to page 7, and another article said it was up in those same cities. I'll place my bets on the first scenario.

The EU has declared that making rosè 'wine' by mixing reds and whites of dubious origins does not a wine make.
Maybe they can just call it 'wine spritzer', and we can call it a giorno.

And, drumroll please...

The best news ever, the Death Star that is Telecom's TIM (their mobile phone division), has reported subscribers down 628.000 this month alone! Italians flocking in droves to the competition.
Maybe they'll finally stop preying on their customers and instead provide services...Until then, hope the hemorrhaging continues...


Clayvessel said...

More hours at the Vatican. Interesting. During my one visit to Rome I stood in line with my tour group in the searing heat for about an hour. We had prepaid tickets for the Vatican with the group. When we were about ten minutes from the door they announced there would be no more admitted for the day. It was something like 12:30 p.m. We were outta luck, too bad for us, the end.

Dave514 said...

That's too bad.
My experience is different. I had a Ph.D. of Art History as a private guide. She told me to meet her at the entrance at 08:30. There was a long line waiting for the opening. My guide spoke to another guide and we gueue barged. We were one of the first 50 people in.

You gotta know the territory.