Wednesday, March 23

Cappuccino Caldo with Carol&Cheryl

Wednesdays may be Prince Spaghetti day, but today seems to be buck Berlusconi day.  It looks like our dear leader is now not only the butt of stand-up comics worldwide, but he's taken over the multimedia world as well.  Would you expect anything less from a media mogul?  Picking up on the news from our Italophiles Carol&Cheryl, here's a few choice selections.

A brief view of the world - seen by Le Monde newspaper as brought to us by Non ci posso credere's facebook page!/video/video.php?v=1136782270459&oid=125467423917&comments

Coming to a theatre near you!  Silvio Forever: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Silvio Berlusconi 
Written by one of my favorite reporters, author Gian Antonio Stella, according to The Hollywood Reporter most of the entire 79 min dialogue is actually comprised of Silvio's own words.  Sign me up.

And, on Facebook, someone posted this picture of Berlusca wiping tears from his eyes, with the caption:  Gheddafi has defriended me...

My roving reporters are:  Cheryl from who also posts on and her twin sister, Carol who has the courage to friend me on facebook.


carolinrome said...

haha... courage? maybe some would think stupidity :-) dai, sono onorata!

Davide said...

Are we friends yet? Davide