Wednesday, March 9

A Tale of Two Cities

The Italians have a great expression, “The whole world is just a village,” meaning, travel far and wide, you’ll find the same things taking place at the same time.  Whilst in London this week, nothing drove this point home more than the latest scandal to rock the Windsors. 
Turns out that there’s yet another billionaire playboy with lots of villas and who prefers to mix pleasure with politics and underage escorts.  Frankly, I’m quite sure the world is quite full of these loathsome Lotharios.  But, you’re the Duke-of-whatever and you don’t know that your buddy with the babes is a convicted paedophile?  Who screens your meetings? An Hispanic courier dropping off a package at The American Express building anywhere in the world is screened more than the guys you happen to keep company with. 
A full listing of the Duke's dubious contacts can be scrolled down the 'List of Royal Blunders' here.
There’s a terrific scene in The King’s Speech whereby the Archbishop of Westminster gives the King the lowdown on his newfound speech therapist - within minutes. They practically knew what he had for breakfast when he was twelve and how often he had sex with his wife. 
Nonetheless, once again, we have a political figure copping a contrite figure.  Well, once again in the Anglo world.  For the Latin lovers around us, just admit it was fun & you have no regrets nor qualms over future festivities.  Perhaps the Brits&Americans could learn a few things from Silvio.  I thanked my lucky stars Andrew was not married, so we wouldn’t have to behold the gross spectacle of the wife-of-the-moment standing by her man.  Although faux-pas Fergie did chime in to his defense.
It’s all totally tiresome, and truly, a tempest in a perfect British teapot.   
Regardless, although Ministers in Parliament are busy trying to distance themselves from Andrew, none of them quite know what it is, precisely, he does.  
UPDATE: Turns out he's a 'Trade Envoy' - does that include abetting human trafficking?  The call girls were flown from villa to villa - who knows if that didn't include a 'lay-over' in Arcore?
While Silvio pays cash for his corral of gals provided for by “talent” managers, his hotties and a TV newsman to procure his babes, the ‘friend’ bought his way into the royal circle.  Convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein* paid off Fergie’s debts so he could have the privilege of providing sex to power.  That’s a twist.   
But, it seems there will be benefits to this new Billionaire's Club of Paedophiles which includes the brother of the Sultan of Bahrain, a select circle of deranged despots, the King of Swaziland and others. 
They've announced a twin city program between Berlusconi’s Sardinian town of Arcore and Palm Beach, Florida.
I’m sure the politicos are already hard at work bringing young girls in to swap and explore one another’s local cultures, events and particular tastes.

* The FBI in 2005 found over 40 young girls in Epstein's circle - he has paid 'damages' for preying on 17 of them


Dave514 said...

Francesca, oh Francesca:
Searched Google for a connection between Ancore and Palm Beach...if there is it ain't showing.

Sorry, it's not a tempest on a British teapot. The RF are supposed to be beyond reproach while it's expected of Italian males to be unfaithful. The only difference is that in Western Europe that at least the PMs are expected to be at least discreet Silvio, Il Duce, Berlusconi is an idiot, and that's being kind.

Irreverent Italy said...

I was being facetious - don't you know me by now??