Wednesday, March 30

The [squeaky] wheels of Italian Government

Energized by celebrating 150 years of Unity (well, for most in the government), polarized by the Libyan attacks, inundated by the rush of immigrants in Lampedusa, pleased as punch by going after and obtaining monies from tax evaders, under attack for green-lighting our nuclear program in light of the Japanese tragedy, and under fire for Rubygate and various trials to come, one could fairly say that Italy and our Dear Leader has a lot on its plate.
And so, I was bemused to receive this link from a fan going to Italy's Government Website (I know, I know, Italy has a government???!!):

And here, under the website, in the Press Releases Page we find:

Precisazione dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

Il resoconto fornito da alcune agenzie di stampa in merito alla cena di ieri sera del Presidente Berlusconi con il gruppo dei Responsabili è ricco di fantasie e imprecisioni. In particolare, il Presidente non ha cantato alcuna canzone.
24 Marzo 2011

Clarification from the President of the Council of Ministers (Berlusconi's Office ndr)
Reports issued by certain press offices, with regard to the dinner held last night by President Berlusconi with the Group of Managers is filled with fantasy and incorrect information.  In specific, the President did not sing a song.

Two questions come to mind:
1) Why is the main definition of Responsabili mean Guilty Parties?
2) Who are they and why do they sound like The Avengers??

Nonetheless, glad to know the wheels of democracy are grinding away...or are they screeching 'round a 180 degree curve?


carolinrome said... in squeaky clean?! ;)

Irreverent Italy said...

No, squeaky as in Lounge Lizard crooning...