Monday, March 21

Gone Fishin'

Anyone coming to Rome knows that if you toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, it will guarantee your return.  In fact, no one knows this more than the people who make regular trips back - to steal the money straight out of the fountain - and in broad daylight as well.  Wading in the water armed with fishing rods with magnets attached, one guy was fished out by the police with 800 euro (close to $1200) on him.  In fact,  each year 700,000 euro is collected and donated to charity (Caritas).

Although they may catch them copper-handed, those very police haven't been able to send the ne'er-do-wells into the slammer.  But as of today, 'change' is in the air (forgive me).  The City of Rome has determined that the money belongs to it, to collect and distribute as they like.  So now, there's an owner who has been deprived of their funds.  I just wish they'd employ that money towards the 'tourist tax' instead -- and then, how many of us would return to spend some more?

So, what else do the (official) collectors find in that fountain?  According to one of my favorite blogs around, they've picked up sundry items from pacifiers to rings & jewelry to a set of dentures, right to a (supposed) umbelical cord with the scissors attached!  Perhaps it was one of those water births.  But, did the baby come back for a return trip?


Dave514 said...

With the Exchange rate going South, you guys need to lower your prices and up your options to attract Americans, or anyone for that matter.


Irreverent Italy said...

Sadly, the stats are in: tourism up up up and the wild Americanis are here & spending...So, tourist taxes are probably going up across the board...Coming soon to a Borgo near you!

Anonymous said...

I've seen so many people sneaking into the fountain, it's bizarre. Although I think it says a lot about some Italians that rather than "scumbag stealing money from the fountain", it makes it clear that it's a "foreign gypsy". Because no Italian would ever do such a